Defeats ROC and takes the gold medal in men’s hockey – El Financiero

Defeats ROC and takes the gold medal in men's hockey - El Financiero

The Finnish ice hockey team defeated the Russian team 2-1 on Sunday. Favorite Men’s Championship, to win the final in Beijing 2022 and win the Olympic gold medal for the first time in the country’s history. The defending champion had to settle for the silver medal.

Finland, I never won it In men’s or women’s hockey at the Winter Olympics, he won No NHL players. His last final match was in 2006, when he lost to Sweden. In 1988 he also received a silver medal.

After taking gold in 2018 as Russian Olympians, the Russians competed this time as the Russian Olympic Committee. Both categories were responding to doping penalties and cover-ups in various Olympic sports.

Regardless of the team’s name, the silver medal they won in Beijing is the 32nd men’s hockey medal they have won.

Although the Russians appeared to be the new favorites after the folding of the NHL due to scheduling problems associated with the pandemic, The big winners are the Finns. With new NHL players like their captain, Valtteri Filppula, striker Leo Komarov, and defenders Sami Vatanen and Mikko Lehtonen, Finland had the firepower to go along with its commercial strengths: Solid structure, defense and purpose.

This combination helped Finland remain unbeaten after six matches, including a return with three goals to defeat Sweden in the preliminary round. Finland defeated Sweden, Slovakia and Russia to win the tournament with effective play under veteran coach Jukka Jalonen.

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