Defeat The Witcher & Bridgerton

It was up in the air, but now it’s official. Squid is the most successful Netflix series of all time, in its launch month. We’re talking about 111 million users who watch it in the first 28 days. He broke the previous record set by Bridgerton (82 million).

Hence the overall rating is hard to quantify, given that a Netflix “view” equates to at least two minutes of watching an episode, but it’s still a frightening statistic. Like we said, Bridgeton defeated, and thus, another big hit of the past period: The Witcher. To confirm this, the same broadcasting platform in a more unique praise post than rare on his social accounts.

The success of the Squid game “beyond all possible expectations,” acknowledged Netflix’s Vice President. This nine-episode series premiered in September and tells the story of a group of people stuck in a deadly show. Target? Arrive first and get the great cash prize but whoever loses, also loses his life.


But what makes Squid Game so special compared to the other oriental series coming here? On top of that, we had an Oscar winner, coming from the same country and winning hearts in a similar way: a parasite. What Squid does differently, and thus appeal to a wider audience, is theater: more blunt, less disingenuous, more vicious.

But the point is the same: social struggle and economic hardship. Topics that today, more than ever, can move the hearts of any nation.

The main cast is now on everyone’s lips: One of the main cast, Jung Ho-yeon (Sae-byeok) gained 14 million followers on Instagram in just a few weeks. The success was so great that it appears that the first Squid Game video game, published and developed by Netflix, has already begun.

Needless to say, even show business failed to turn a blind eye to the program’s popularity. In Korea, for example, the first themed programs with award groups have already started. And of course there are no deadly traps.

Source: BBC

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