Darkness and Bones, Netflix will be a “romantic and terrifying” journey

Finally, Grishaverse is about to land on Netflix. Interview by TV Line in light of the imminent debut of Tenebre e Ossa, the series based on the literary fictional epic of the same name by Leigh Bardugo, Executive Producer Shaun Levy (Stranger Things) mocked what to expect from the show.

The story tells of Alinea Starkov’s journey of self-discovery in the fictional universe of Ravka, where you will meet a trio of cunning and creative criminals known as Ravens. The latter comes from Ketterdam, which according to Levy “It feels like a mix of old Amsterdam and modern Las Vegas.”

However, Alina and Ravens will head for a darker place: The Shadow error, The expanse is black as a stadium and full of terrifying creatures like Volkra. “Any sound, any light can attract Volcra,” the producer explained. “Crossing a shade sliver is a terrifying and risky journey.”

Compared to other fictional series such as Harry Potter and Game of Thrones, Levy describes the series as … “Big, fun, romantic and full of different personalities.”

While chatting, Levy reassured fans of this Each series change was approved by the author: “Leigh Bardugo has been closely involved in the adaptation as a fellow executive producer so any change has the stamp of approval. But there are definitely some Easter eggs that the book fans will appreciate.”

The first season of the series will begin on Netflix on April 23rd. In the meantime, we’re leaving you for the official Darkness and Bones trailer.

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