Daniel Jones’ Travels and Falls. So do the giants.

This has been a memorable season for the giants. But the victory over the soccer team in Washington last week gave the team at least its first win, and Thursday’s match against the Eagles in Philadelphia produced the kind of exciting moments that bring hope to revitalize the season. Almost, anyway.

Trailing the Eagles, 10-7, in the third quarter, and starting to drive on the 12-yard streak, midfielder Daniel Jones of the Giants faked, and rolled to the right. The fake deceived the Eagles’ defense, and as Jones advanced, there was nothing in front of him but green grass. So it took off quickly in broad daylight.

20, 30, 40, 50, 40 … the squares rolled away and there were no cannons in sight. Jones was on his way to give the Giants a head start and deliver the kind of distinctive gameplay that is being replayed endlessly in high profile shows, viral clips and in the minds of fans of giants eager for a good memory this year.

Jones was flying. At age 43, he hit 21.23 mph, According to NextGen Statistics, The fastest top speed by a midfielder over the past three seasons. By the time Jones hit 35 he was clearly going to score.

And then, just like in the past, it was clearly not.

Jones stepped forward to Number 8 and tried to get up, but an eagle that arrived late finished the play with his touch. Ultimately, Jones gained 80 yards, and Longest run by quarterback Since 2015. But he needed 88 goals to score, and the way the play ended – a player that runs freely and then falls, untouched and unchallenged – has ensured it will have a long life, not in glorious video sets, but out of shame.

Within minutes, the opposing players were weighing.

“I tried to run faster than I was running, and I got stuck,” Jones told reporters after the match.

Half full Glass fans of the Giants will indicate that the team scored to take the top four matches after Jones stumbled. But few will remember this. (Congratulations, Wayne Gallman: Running one yard now has a great answer.)

The biggest problem for the giants is that they blew their 11-point lead five minutes before the end and lost the match, 22-21, to drop to 1-5. Next Monday, Tom Brady and the Pirates come to town. Lowlight fans and Twitter quipsters will wait.

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