Dancing With the Stars, Bobby Bones, is romantically involved with her friend Caitlin Parker

Country Radio Host Bobby Bones Engaged! The Dancing With The Stars The winner made an offer to his girlfriend, Caitlin Parker, with Matt Kearney playing their song “Nothing Left to Lose.” Bones, 40, surprised Parker by suggesting it in their backyard barn. Parker called herself “the luckiest girl in the world” after sharing the news on Instagram Sunday night.

“I’m the luckiest one” Bones wrote on Instagram, Along with pictures from the special night. “I have waited so long to get it right [paid] turning off. She surprised her with a secret suggestion in the barn in the backyard. “Parker told Bones that she knew it was the person when they went to Kearney’s concert and heard the musician play“ Nothing Left To Lose. ”So Bones asked Kearney to play a song for them outside their barn. Bones wrote,“ Very lucky that he played it again for us tonight. I am so happy that I married the love of my life. ”

Parker shared some other photos of the proposal, stating that she would marry “the best man I have ever known”. Parker is in shock and feels like the luckiest girl in the world. I’m so in love and so happy, I wrote. At the bottom of the caption, she referred to herself as “the future Caitlin Estelle,” using Bones’ real last name.

Both of their posts are now filled with hundreds of messages congratulating them on the big news. An Instagram user wrote: “Oh my God! Oh my God! Congratulations to both of you !!! That’s amazing !! So happy for you both.” Another wrote “I am so happy for you! You deserve someone amazing! I’m glad you waited for the right person.”

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Bones and Parker have both self-isolated together during the coronavirus pandemic. In May, he hosted a graduation party at home for Parker, who earned a master’s degree this year. He shared a photo of the two wearing hats and gowns. “Since she did not graduate with her MA, she was thrown out [Parker] A surprising graduation “Bones wrote at the time” with a speech. Diploma, Music, Dresses, etc. I’m so proud of her! “

The Bobby Bones Show The host recently met with PopCulture over its future plans, including long-running speculation about getting into politics. The Arkansas native said he was “seeking” to learn everything about state and federal law. Bones said that if he got involved in politics, he would open up to “opening up” the strict party lines that divide the United States today.

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