Cuphead TV series hits Netflix: What you need to know

The long-awaited moment for fans Cuphead Finally Arrived: Today Peeping Netflix over there TV series Inspired by the epic video game of the same name. Critics have already had a chance to preview episodes of the show, and they announce themselves with overwhelmingly positive reviews that do nothing but fuel expectations: The first season It consists of 12 episodes, each of which is about 15 minutes long. So in three hours, you’ll have eaten it all.

What is the theme of Cuphead and why is the Netflix TV series eagerly awaited?

Cuphead It is a horizontal shooter game that first launched in 2017 on PC and Xbox One and then also reached MacOs, Nintendo Switch, and PlayStation 4 in the following years. As Cuphead or Mugman, two cup shaped brothers, the game beats everyone because of its level of challenge but above all for one person Graphic style inspired by American animated films of the thirtiesin what we can roughly define as Disney.

The soundtrack clearly respects this philosophy, with ragtime and jazz dominating the scene, accompanied by situations where waltzes, piano solos, and other sounds adapted to different moments appear.

Its extreme popularity, which has grown over the years, prompted Netflix to announce an animated show based on the events of the video game in 2019. So we find Cuphead And Mogman On the island of Kalamyo, he is busy exploring the territories and meeting the unreleased characters of those seen in the games.

The TV series clearly respects the old fashioned original, although it would have a more modern influence given the time it would take to meticulously manufacture a product that looked like something from the 1930s. Anyway, the end result looks very successful and from today onwards NetflixWe can enjoy the new adventures of Cuphead.

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