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This is perhaps the last great mystery of the human body: our brain. What happens in it when we perceive the world around us, when we think, feel, remember or dream, is today the subject of interdisciplinary research; It involved science and art in previous centuries as well. At the end of January, the Bundeskunsthalle opened in Bonn Exhibition “Mind in Art and Science”. The lavish display, which can be visited live or as a separate online exhibition until June 26, combines the latest findings in brain research and numerous works from art history and art. Electrically stimulated hearing with the latest cochlear implants also exists.

In the history of science, the human mind became the focus of attention relatively late. Our brain is the subject of countless interdisciplinary research projects today. But despite the new findings, many questions about the brain remain unresolved. At the same time, it offers material for arguments in philosophy and religion, and space for brilliant ideas and artistic endeavors. The exhibition dedicated to this wonderful human organ, which includes more than 300 pieces of art, attests to all this. Last but not least, information about hearing with a cochlear implant (CI) is also provided. Cochlear made several exhibits available for this.

“We are very pleased to support the unique offering at the Bundeskunsthalle,” says Jenny Adebahr, Marketing Director of Cochlear Germany. “A cochlear implant (CI) demonstrates in a very special way the amazing performance that our brain can do. Over 40 years ago, Australian medical professor Graeme Clark successfully treated a patient with a multichannel CI system for the first time. Since then, we have learned that it is possible It is for the brain to generate an auditory impression from electrical impulses, which enable the deaf not only to hear, but also above all to understand speech. It is still not possible to explain how the brain manages to do this. If you ask Professor Clark what is the most wonderful thing about Cochlear implants, he replied, “It works.”

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The comprehensive exhibition “The Brain in Art and Science” presents, among other things, a wide range of presentations for people with hearing impairment and deafness:

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