China has the highest number of new coronary heart disease cases since January – World

On Wednesday, the National Health Administration announced that China reported 57 new cases of coronavirus on land on July 6, compared to 23 cases the day before.

According to their writingIn a July 6 report, China reported 57 new cases. This was the highest daily number of infections since Jan. 30.

A statement issued by the National Health Committee stated that 15 new cases are local infections.

All 15 cases occurred in Yunnan province, Ruili city, which borders Myanmar.

In response, the authorities locked down the city, shutting down most businesses and telling residents to stay home.

The latest cases were discovered during a mass population test.

Positive cases also include Chinese and Myanmar nationals in the city, where cross-border trade is active.

The authorities said they would tighten border controls.

Ruili previously had an epidemic in March and launched a campaign to vaccinate the entire city in April.

China has relied on a strict lockdown strategy and mass testing to stem the outbreak, although it has ramped up the pace of vaccination.

Central health officials have said they want 80 percent of the population to be vaccinated.

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  1. Diol Says:

    According to the Guardian and Danas, 57 new cases per 1.4 billion people is a lot? They must be joking.

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