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[Epoch Times 24 سبتمبر 2021](Epoch Times reporter Zhong Yuan reports in Taipei) In response to Beijing’s opposition to Taiwan’s entry into the Trans-Pacific Partnership (CPTPP) Comprehensive Advancement Agreement, ROCMinistry of Foreign AffairsHe strongly refuted, pointing out that the CPC’s bullying of Taiwan in the international community is the main culprit of the increase in cross-Strait hostility, and demanded that the CPC government not be an enemy of the Taiwan people.

Republic of ChinaMinistry of Foreign AffairsTo reiterate, Taiwan is Taiwan and not part of the Chinese Communist Party. The Chinese Communist Party has never ruled Taiwan and has no right to represent the people of Taiwan internationally. Only the democratically elected government of Taiwan can represent the 23.5 million people of Taiwan in international organizations and regional economic and trade mechanisms.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs said that the government of the Republic of China has applied for membership in the CPTPP on behalf of the people of Taiwan.

“The (Communist) Chinese government only wants to intimidate Taiwan in the international community, which is the main culprit of the growing hostility across the Strait. The Chinese (Communist) government should think deeply about itself and refrain from being the enemy of the people of Taiwan.” The Ministry of Foreign Affairs said .

The Foreign Ministry noted that CCP leaders declared at the United Nations that “we have not done so in the past, and we will not invade, bully or claim hegemony.” The Communist government publicly suppressed Taiwan when it applied for a CPTPP, and threatened the people of Taiwan with a massive air force.

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The Ministry of National Defense of the Republic of China has released updates on the CPC’s military aircraft in the “Real-time Military Updates” section of its official website. On the 23rd, the party sent 24 aircraft to disable the aircraft, including 14 F-16s, 2 Y-8 anti-submarines, 2 H-6s and 1 Y-8 Yuan. Dry, 1 Air Police 500 and 4 F-11s invaded the Southwest Taiwan Air Defense Identification Area; The Taiwan Air Force sent patrol forces to respond, broadcast far away, and track and monitor air defense missiles.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs stated that only the Chinese Communist government did this kind of saying one thing and doing another. RightBullying CCPTaiwan’s words and actions are strongly condemned by the Foreign Ministry.

In response to Beijing’s opposition to Taiwan’s application to join the CPTPP, Al-Mutawa and Al-Qadi stated that the Republic of China was a sovereign country and that Taiwan had never been part of the Chinese Communist Party. “We are already members of the World Trade Organization, APEC and other international economic and trade organizations. It is the current international rights of Taiwan to participate in any regional economic cooperation and agreement negotiations with the outside world. No country or person has the right to interfere in or refuse it.”

The Mutawa and Qazi Committee noted that the CCP had long used arrogant tactics to operate the political framework of the “one China” principle internationally, in an effort to dwarf Taiwan and prevent Taiwan from participating in international economic organizations or agreements, focusing only on the strong use of bullying The weak, regardless of existing international organizations. The rules of the People’s Republic of China will not only hurt the feelings of the people of Taiwan, but will not help the positive development of cross-Straits relations, and will not win the universal support of democratic and free international countries.

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The Mutawa and Al-Qadi Committee said the ROC government’s promotion of joining the CPTPP aims to strengthen economic and trade ties with regional countries and enhance Taiwan’s economic vitality and competitiveness. Taiwan formally applied to join the CPTPP on September 22, and the relevant countries have also expressed their welcome.

President of the Republic of ChinaTsai Ing-wenHe stated on Facebook on the 22nd of this year that Taiwan’s application to join the CPTPP is a major step in actively promoting economic integration in the Asia-Pacific region and moving toward global free trade. Regardless of the economic, social and legal aspects, Taiwan is ready to apply to join the CPTPP at this moment.

Al-Mutawa and Al-Qadi Company said,Tsai Ing-wenThe president said that CPTPP has Taiwan, not only has more influence, but can also make more contributions to high-quality global free trade.
The government will actively promote economic and trade cooperation with other like-minded countries, enhance the pattern and diversification of Taiwan’s external economy, and make clear to the outside world that the CPC’s political demands are not in line with international economic and trade realities, so as to continue to win international support.

Al-Mutawa and Al-Qadi Committee stated, “We call on the Beijing authorities to face the facts on both sides of the Taiwan Strait, and properly and accurately implement the necessary regulatory and institutional reforms and adjustments to join regional economic integration, promote economy and fair trade. And mutually beneficial cooperation, hostile thinking and confrontation, and stop about the unreasonable suppression of Taiwan. And irrational political actions can really help the common prosperity and development of the economy of the Asia-Pacific region.”

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