BTS star Jin releases solo abyss after ‘too much fatigue’

BTS member Jin released a solo Abyss (Image: Getty)

BTS star Jin released a solo to Abyss to fans and shared how the song came about.

In a message posted on the singer’s blog, Who turns 28 this week, opened up to feeling “so tired” because he “had so many thoughts about himself.”

He said, ‘Recently, at a press conference, I said,’ I don’t like sharing my sad feelings with fans. This is because I just want to show them the good stuff. However, I feel differently if it’s through music. I don’t like sharing it through my daily actions, but I think it would be nice to show it through music. “

“To tell you the truth, I have been very exhausted recently, and I think the reason for this is that I have so many thoughts about myself.”

And the K-pop star continued: “There are a lot of people who love music more and better than me, so would it be good for me to receive such joy and congratulations?

“This is what I was thinking, and as I got deeper, I had a hard time with it, so I wanted to let it all go.”

Jin added that after talking to company president Bang Se Hyuk, he was encouraged to put what he felt in the music.

Describing it as “a frustrating song that doesn’t match your birthday,” he asked his fans to “Please listen carefully.”

At the end of the message He thanked fellow band RM for his help with the lyrics.

The simple yet striking, individual artwork features a man gazing into the distance against a background that goes from dark blue to light blue.

Some of the words are: “I still have with me / My voice isn’t coming out, I just surround you / That dark place / I want to drown in, I want to go there”.

Fans of BTS, called ARMY, showed their support for his solo efforts.

Read one of the reactions on Twitter: “Jin voices so beautiful in this song, he worked on this song despite being so busy that he’s just so amazing.”


The South Korean group had a great year (Image: BTS)

Another fan tweeted: “This is a personal song for him and it hurts a lot to read, but he decided to share it with us while still begging for a very beautiful and sincere melody.”

This is so lovely and I can’t stop crying. Another tweet said: Thank you Jane for dropping this lovely song.

BTS has had a big year, releasing albums Map Of The Soul: 7 and most recently BE.

Singles Dynamite and Life Goes On both took the lead on the Billboard Hot 100 singles chart.

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