Britain’s Got the Talent: BLM’s Diversity routine now has over 10,000 complaints from Ofcom

British talent became the subject of 10,267 complaints from angry viewers about the diversity routines of important black lives.

The number of complaints increased over the following week Ashley Banjo He led the dance troupe for the Raw show on the Saturday evening episode.

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The diversity routine in Black Lives Matter received 10,267 complaints Credit: Rex Features

The show that Jordan’s brother witnessed Ashley is lying on the floor with a white police officer kneeling on him, Referring to the death of George Floyd in the United States.

There were also support dancers wearing riot gear and the group took the knee during the performance.

The strong performance of diversity is now the second most complained of TV moment in a decade.

The first is Roxanne Pallett’s older brother drama “punchgate” With former Korean star Ryan Thomas with 25,327 complaints and Kim Woodburn’s interview on “The Baggy Woman” comes in third With 7912 complaints.

The dance troupe's performance is now the second most complained of TV moment in a decade


The dance troupe’s performance is now the second most complained of TV moment in a decade

Ashley revealed earlier this week that he had received a barrage of performance abuse.

But the backup judge on the show thanked his critics for proving it was a necessary performance.

He took to Twitter, writing: “There’s a lot to say … But I’ll let the show speak. Thousands of love and support letters – thank you.

“To the thousands of letters of hate and ignorance – thank you. It highlights exactly what needs to change. It only sends love to all of you.”

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Some BGT viewers said the “strong” performance made them cry while others insisted that the “political statement” had no place in the talent show.

Ashley thanked his critics for proving it was a necessary performance


Ashley thanked his critics for proving it was a necessary performanceCredit: PA: Press Association

One wrote, “Powerful, poignant, and thought-provoking. Everything I did was amazing.”

Another tweet: “Just an amazing strong performance! It made me cry. You guys are just the best !!!”

Third post: “Keep doing the right thing. This piece was extremely powerful.”

The variety performed their amazing dance moves in front of the supportive dancers who were dressed in riot police uniforms with shields.

Fans praised their performance "strong" And "exciting"


Fans praised their performance as “strong” and “touching”.Credit: DYMOND / ITV

Ashley’s brother Jordan resisted crying yesterday Because of the “terrible” complaints, speaking on his Kiss Radio show, he said it was “really sad”.

Jordan, 27, said: “Of course she gets some criticism but she usually focuses on dancing.

“But that was different, it was really important, and it was special to us.

“We are talking about positivity and love and we got a lot of positivity and love from this.

The judges gave the routine a warm welcome


The judges gave the routine a warm welcome

“But we were also bombarded with messages and articles about horrible things about us, about our families, about how diversity isn’t diverse enough right now because there are only five white people.”

He added after he became emotional: “I cannot speak on behalf of anyone else, it is sad, it is really sad.”

Meanwhile, Berry responded to a critic by telling them to “get into the trash.”

Ashley, who was a judge on the weekend of injured Simon Cowell, opened the show by reciting a viral poem The Great Realization by singer Tomfoolery, which is about the BLM movement and police brutality.

It was branded "strong" By host December Donnelly


The host, Donnelly, described him as “strong.”Credit: Rex Features

The performance has also touched on the coronavirus, capitalism, and the growth of delivery services like Amazon.

Host Dec Donnelly called it “strong” moments after it ended.

After the performance, Ashley said, “This performance is very special to me and the rest of the variety.

“2020 was a wonderful moment in history for both positive and negative reasons.

Jordan responded with tears, saying that the complaints were as well "awesome"


Jordan responded with tears, saying the complaints were “horrific”Credit: Getty Images – Getty

“We wanted to use the platform that we got to make our voices heard, and express how this year’s events have made us feel and think about how we might view the past in the future … we call it hindsight 2020.”

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