Boston Red Sox Training Staff: Jerry Naron and Craig Borenson will not return to 2021

The Red socks They haven’t released any general news in their search for the next boss, which certainly doesn’t mean that they’re not doing anything but rather that he’s still in the early stages and / or still working behind the scenes. Usually around this time, teams wait for a new manager to come before deciding what to do with the rest of their staff. That’s not exactly the case this time around, as the Red Sox announced that bench coach Jerry Naron and Bullben coach Craig Bjornson will not be returning for the 2021 season.

Such as Alex Speer also notes, The rest of the staff will actually be invited for next season, which is a list that includes Jason Varetic, Among others.

Naron just finished his first season, and only now, this time in Boston, under Ron Roenick’s lead as a coach on the bench. Previously held the position of Bench Coach under Grady Little Boston in 2003. Additionally, he has some managerial experience with Reds And the Notifications In sight. Meanwhile, Bjornson was appointed by the Red Sox to be their main coach before the 2018 season after serving in the coaching staff for Astros From 2012 until 2017.

It’s really strange that Red Sox made that decision before hiring a director, although Narron’s decision in particular isn’t very surprising. The rest of the coaching staff has been here since 2018, including hitting trainer Tim Hayers, their first head coach Tom GoodwinAnd the third key coach, Carlos Felice. Dave Bush, the team’s coach, has just finished his first year in this position with the team.

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Speculation immediately turned to Alex Cora, As with everything related to training and Red Sox. The guesswork is that Cora is essentially guaranteed to the job and she is almost making these decisions. He can not formally return to administration until it is over World Championship. There is no realistic basis for any of these speculations, and it should be noted that Haim Bloom and Sam Kennedy refused to say much of anything related to the topic of Cora’s return to Boston.

However, the logic isn’t crazy. Cora has knowledge of all those coaches still on the staff, and that includes Bush, too. While they didn’t technically train together, Bush was in the organization prior to his promotion to archery instructor and Cora was still a manager when his promotion happened. The only weird thing about Cora here is that Bjornson came with him from Houston.

I definitely wouldn’t say that 100% means Cora will be back. They likely like this group of coaches and want to be around the person they hire. This group was, after all, mostly involved in the 2018 race to the title. Having said that, I’d be lying if I said I didn’t think this increased my inner odds of Cora returning to the job when he qualified.

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