Borders modified by Finland and Sweden due to beacon and miscalculation

It is one of the strangest borders on this planet. without discussion. For some, it’s a rock in the middle of nowhere, but the truth is that it prompted Sweden and Finland to devise a way to chart the division so that everyone is satisfied. We’re talking about Marquette Island, which has an area of ​​0.03 km² and is located in the Åland Sea, an intracontinental sea framed in the Baltic Sea.

What distinguishes the island is its lighthouse. There is no more. Except for the seals. Built on a Finnish initiative and opened in 1885 to solve frequent shipwrecks in the area, its promoters committed themselves to a small task. miscalculation: They raised it in Swedish territory. Obviously, the only solution to satisfy the Scandinavians was to move the borders.


beacon of discord.Niklas Sioblum

This was discussed over the next 100 years until 1995 they agreed So that Finland has its lighthouse, and Sweden the relative part of the territory that formerly belonged to its neighbour. But if the solution is unusual, you are no less curious about the fact that depending on the region you are in, Time zone varies. If you are in Sweden, turn back time. If you are in Finland you have to bypass it. magic.

The exotic frontier of the island of Mâuml;  rket.


The exotic frontier of Marquette Island.Wikipedia

anyway, Märket Island has been inhabited since its construction until the lighthouse was automated in 1977. Since then, the structure has deteriorated due to humidity, fluctuating temperatures and wind, which is why in 2007, the Finnish Society of Al-Fanar took over its rehabilitation.

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And if someone wonders if it is possible to visit the island, the answer is yes.. Whether on private boats or using certain tourist services, it is possible to enjoy the beauty of this remote place, which is also a strategic point for scientists responsible for researching wildlife or everything related to climate change.

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