Bill Nye explains the importance of wearing masks in the viral TikTok

Science presenter Bill Nye took up misinformation about wearing the mask and its effectiveness against COVID-19 in a TikTok post Friday.

The video from a former PBS host responded to claims by skeptics of the scientific consensus about preventing transmission of the virus, who had considered whether the spread of microscopic viruses ever hinders sutures of cloth or a surgical mask.

Using a filter and other tools, Nye demonstrated how the body fluids through which COVID-19 and other viruses are transmitted have been stopped or largely reduced with a mask.

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Former “Bill Nye the Science Guy” host joined the Netflix series “Bill Nye Saves the World” in 2017 and in recent years has worked to debunk misinformation about scientific issues such as climate change caused by humans.

In 2019, he came out to support the Green New Deal and co-sponsor, Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-CortezAlexandria Ocasio-Cortez: Civil war between MAGA and the government establishment could give Democrats full control The Biden economic team faces a challenge in providing aid to black communities Progressives are pushing for direct payments to be included in the COVID-19 relief deal More (DN.Y.), in a tweet calling on the US to take climate change seriously.

“AOC gets it. She sees fear dividing us. We can tackle income inequality. We can tackle climate change, if we get together and start acting. #SXSWAOC,” he tweeted at the time with a photo of the two at the South By Southwest Festival.

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