Biden will make his first overseas trip to the United Kingdom and Belgium

Biden will hold bilateral meetings with top world leaders. Photo: AFP

The The President of the United States, Joe Biden, Will travel to UK and Belgium In June at His first trip abroad Since taking office, he said White House.

The trip aims to highlight a “commitment.” President of the United States To restore our alliances, revitalize the transatlantic relationship, and work closely with our allies, ”said the press secretary White HouseJane Psaki in a statement.

The announcement was made when Biden The global climate summit that took place concluded Renewed commitment by the United States to climate efforts.

Biden attends the G7 Summit in Cornwall, UKFrom 11 to 13 June, he will hold bilateral meetings with major world leaders, including the British Prime Minister Boris JohnsonThe White House said.

From there, Biden will travel to Brussels Bite OTAN June 14. “President Biden will confirm America’s commitment to NATO, transatlantic security and collective defense,” Psaki said.

Biden called for “action” against climate change

President Joe Biden On Thursday, he called on the world to “act” to stop global warming, assuming greater occurrence United States commitment to reduce pollutant emissionsIt is a position praised by the international community after the denial of the era Trump card.

The cost of inaction continues to rise. “The United States will not wait,” Biden said as he opened an international summit of the Security Council. Earth day Sponsored by the White House.

“We all have to move.”

Joe Biden

Biden, who returned to the Paris Agreement From the previous one Donald TrumpThe Climate Change Skeptic has resigned and announced The goal of the United States To reduce Greenhouse gas emissions Between 50 and 52% by 2030 compared to 2005.

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Additionally, he said that Washington It will double its climate aid to developing countries by 2024, from the levels recorded ten years ago.

100 days before taking office, Biden invited some 40 world leaders to a two-day videoconference to prepare for the United Nations conference in Glasgow in November, which will seek to improve Paris Agreement.

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