Biden warns Trump of “serious consequences”

Democrats and Republicans fought hard to get the new Corona aid package. But President Trump is now blocking the agreement. His successor, Joe Biden, fears dire consequences.

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Shortly before the start of the Christmas holidays, Corona restrictions in Washington, DC, were tightened again. Restaurants in the US capital are no longer permitted to operate indoors, and museums remain closed. Actions are initially valid until January 15th. But if things get tough, there will be a lockdown in addition to the lockdown on Monday.

Closure, that is, suspension of government affairs, would occur if the incumbent was Donald Trump It remains with the veto against the non-partisan stimulus package to confront Corona. Because with the stimulus package, a portion of the federal government budget was also passed. A law on temporary business financing ends on Monday. Without signing up, these transactions should be suspended for the time being.

Biden calls on Trump to abandon the blockade

US President-elect Joe Biden On Saturday he warned of such a scenario that important services and salaries for the army would be endangered. In his estimation, the most dangerous matter is in the social sphere. Biden said that if Trump did not sign the law immediately, about ten million Americans would lose unemployment benefits.

The Democrat also indicated a government action regarding tenants Corona Pandimi Protects against eviction, which will also expire in a few days. Biden described the Republican refusal to act as irresponsible. He feared it would have “serious consequences”.

US President-elect Joe Biden: It is likely that Donald Trump will remove him from office with a heavy mortgage. (Source: Lea Meles / Reuters)

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Corona package secures aid payments

The stimulus package of about $ 900 billion (about 730 billion euros), among other things, provides for a higher unemployment benefit payment by March. Additionally, most citizens should receive a one-time aid payment of $ 600.

However, Trump is calling, among other things, for payments to be increased to $ 2,000 per person, which is why he indicated that he could object to the legislative package. Democratic Senator Elizabeth Warren said on Twitter, “Republicans should stop playing games while Americans are starving.”

A government shutdown also looms

The US Congress had already launched a massive economic stimulus program in March. At $ 2.2 trillion, it was the largest aid package in US history. Then the funds were raised in April with another aid program.

The new aid program aims to complement previous measures against the economic and social consequences of the epidemic. Even though current aid has expired, Trump officially has until early January to enforce the law with his signature – or insist on a veto.

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