Ben Affleck + Jennifer Lopez couple? Matt Damon is speaking now

Ben Affleck + Jennifer Lopez
The return of love? Matt Damon is speaking now

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez are here in 2003.

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez are here in 2003.

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Rumors simmer: What is going on between Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck? Let’s ask someone who should know, apparently believed by two TV presenters, during an interview with Matt Damon.

It’s Hollywood’s Story of the Week: Jennifer Lopez, 51, and Ben Affleck, 48, were pictured together in a car in Montana. An insider explains what this is about to People magazine: “[Jennifer] Spent several days with Ben […]. You have a strong connection. Everything was quick and intense, but Jennifer is happy. Just a good friendship or affair or more, that’s the question. How convenient is Affleck’s friend Matt Damon, 50, on Tuesday morning (May 11, 2021) to send a video in The Today Show has been played.

Question to Matt Damon: What is known about Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck?

“We have to talk about something,” says Savannah Guthrie, 49, the Hollywood star currently in Australia for filming. “Yes, a very interesting topic,” agreed with the participation of host Hoda Kotb, 56 years old. “Your friend and a little thing called” Bennifer “…”. Matt Damon doubts what is happening and laughs. “There is not enough alcohol in the world to say anything about it.” When asked, he explains that he only discovered through the presenters the alleged holiday of love from Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez – then left himself away to make a statement. “It’s a great story. I love both. Hope it’s real. That would be cool.”

There is no official data yet

Neither Ben Affleck nor Jennifer Lopez has commented on their relationship status. On the other hand, the insiders report that after their breakup in 2004 – and their engagement split – the two kept in touch and now spent more time together again. One shouldn’t like the closeness of the two: J Lu’s ex-boyfriend Alex Rodriguez, 45. As an E! News insider said, the sports star is “extremely shocked,” but above all angry. The reason: He was hoping for reconciliation with the singer.

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