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Official video game competitions have been around for decades, but esports has given it a new dimension, as it includes homogenization with traditional sports and gives its users the status of athletes.

Under this logic, we constantly hear or read about the leading organizations in this field, until Dutch Team Liquid, American Evil Genuises, British Fnatic, and South Korean T1 have become familiar with the slang.

But the fact that these organizations belong to certain countries does not mean that they have the largest number of esports players.

Where do you play the most?

By region, Europe takes the title and especially the Nordic region, which occupies the first places in the ranking by Paxful, with 109 countries being considered as the reference according to the criterion of the number of esports players per million inhabitants.

Primarily Belarus, where there are 1011.4 esports players per million inhabitants. It is followed by the Republic of Malta with 565.8, Iceland with 315.8, Finland with 279.7, and Denmark with 274.7.

The rest of the top ten consists of Sweden with 258.2 players, Norway with 173.4, Estonia with 156.6, Latvia with 111.6, and Singapore with 110.7.

Unocero says he’s up to 13th with Canada and its 81.1 Americas players.

With all the esports institutions they have, it can be believed that the United States and Spain have a high percentage of users, but the truth is that they are ranked 21 and 35 with 56.4 and 35.3 players, respectively.

Regarding Mexico, although initiatives to promote esports have been implemented recently and venues like Arena Esports Stadium or initiatives like University Esports have opened, there is still a long way to go on this issue domestically, so the country ranked 79th in Ranking, with 4.1 electronic athletes per million inhabitants.

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