Barcelona is in disarray, reveals Frenkie de Jong as Lionel Messi’s transfer saga reaches its climax

“ It’s a message … it’s a mess’ ‘: Barcelona is in turmoil, this is what Frenkie de Jong admits as the Lionel Messi move rolls around … But the Argentine star is still in the players’ WhatsApp group

  • Lionel Messi asks Barcelona to let him withdraw from the Nou Camp this summer
  • Frenkie de Jong revealed that the situation with Messi shook the crisis club
  • He said it was a “mess” in Barcelona as the Messi transfer story came to light in public
  • Despite his future in Spain, the 33-year-old is still in the gamer chat

Frenkie de Jong has revealed that Barcelona is in turmoil as the Lionel Messi transfer story is set to reach its climax this week.

Messi’s desire to leave Barcelona after 20 years has evolved into one of the summer’s most startling stories, with the Argentine star recently filing an official transfer request and refusing to attend scheduled Covid-19 tests and pre-season training in an effort to push. By moving to Manchester City.

Messi’s father, Jorge, will meet Barcelona president Josep Bartomeu on Wednesday to demand that his son be allowed to leave amid a bitter dispute with the club over a clause in the contract that he believes means he can transfer on a free transfer.

Frenkie de Jong says Barcelona is in disarray, while superstar Lionel Messi looks to jump off the ship

De Jong, who suffered from a difficult first season with the Catalan giants, admitted that the club was in disarray as the repercussions of his humiliating 8-2 defeat to Bayern Munich continued.

Right now, there is chaos in Barcelona, ​​and a lot of weird things are happening. The Dutch international told NOS: It’s a mess.

I haven’t spoken to him (Messi) about this myself. Nor the club. So I honestly don’t know how it is.

But if Messi really goes it would be a huge blow for the team and the club.

“When I come back after these international matches, I will see what happened at the club.”

Messi has told Barcelona that he wants to leave with the best candidates for Manchester City to sign him

Messi has told Barcelona that he wants to leave with the best candidates for Manchester City to sign him

De Jong also revealed that Messi is still in Barcelona's WhatsApp group

De Jong also revealed that Messi is still in Barcelona’s WhatsApp group

Manchester City are hoping to bring Messi into the Premier League, although it would not be financially feasible to get a deal if Barcelona continue to do their best with the 33-year-old’s release clause set at £ 629m. .

Barcelona insists Messi remains under contract and urges him to stop seeking to walk away and commit to a new deal.

Despite the massive uncertainty about his future, de Jong revealed that Messi is still in the group chatting group of Barcelona players.

Speaking to Fox Sports, he added: “ I hope Messi is still around when I come back, but that’s not my thing.

Still in the group chat. I am not someone to talk about that [his potential exit] With him, I’m sure he has a lot of people around him doing that these days.

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