Baker Mayfield transferred TLC after the Brown win against the Giants

As he did after every ten Cleveland Browns win this season, Baker Mayfield sneaked into the pop culture reference in a post-match interview.

Editor’s note: The video in the above launcher is from December 20, 2020.

Another win, another reference to Baker Mayfield culture.

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Over the course of the 2020 season, Mayfield used to sneak streaks of movies, music, and t-shows into his post-match press conferences after the Cleveland Browns won. The Browns 20-6 victory over the New York Giants at Sunday Night Football was no exception, as Mayfield looked back to the 1990s for inspiration when asked about the performance of the midfielder on Colt McCoy’s giants’ team.

“Colt is the winner. He has always been. I grew up in Austin watching him play in Texas. He’s a winner,” Mayfield said. “He will always have any team to play for in the match so we just have to stay there and realize that as long as we don’t chase the waterfalls, we will be in the game.”

Mayfield’s quote, of course, is a recall for the 1994 TLC song “Waterfalls.”

One answer later, Mayfield shouted another one of TLC’s most popular songs, “No Scrubs” of 1999, while answering a question about Jarvis Landry’s wide receiver.

We don’t want scrubs, Mayfield said. “We have some dogs outside. We have some men that we’re very proud of.”

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Earlier this week, Mayfield revealed the reason behind his popular cultural references – which ranged from Will Ferrell quotes to Snoop Dogg’s words to lines of “The Office” – to ESPN’s Keyshawn Johnson.

“Something’s going on in the QB room I have to enter into a certain quote or there’s a fine,” Mayfield revealed to the former NFL broadcaster during the pre-match show of the Monday night soccer match between the Browns and the Baltimore Ravens.

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