Babies fascinates with her clothes to enjoy the winter in Switzerland

The beautiful Paula Galindo, known digitally as TipsHe made a new trip to Europe. at this opportunity, The influencer will share her experiences, surrounded by snow and from the romantic landscapes of Switzerland.

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I remember it a few weeks ago, lThe content creator had a wonderful few days with her partner Ronald Moscoso in Dubai She took the opportunity to flaunt her elegant figure in mini bikinis.

So, this time, Pautips will take the opportunity to show you some shapes that can be used in places with very cold weather Like Mount Titlis in Switzerland.

Specifically, in one of his first publications of the majestic Swiss Alps, Pautips shared the outfit he used to roam around this cool place And maintain a warm temperature.

“I wear all of this for a very cold day. Ideally, wear layers that keep you warm And that they are easy to combine,” was Paula’s description of the video where she shows off her beauty with a rather warm look.

Famous Content Creator It quickly achieved more than 24 thousand likes And he received dozens of comments from fans who liked Pautips’ proposal.

“I love the outfit”, “Beautiful and cool Paw”, “Here in the Caribbean if you want nothing to wear”, “Looks great”, “I love your videos” “I loved your clothes”, “enjoy your trip”, “Warm and elegant”“I loved it,” were some messages from followers.

In addition, there were fans who took the opportunity Recommend some plans and venuesWho can visit the influential in this European country.

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