Austria crowned the parallel winner – alpine skiing

Stefan Bernsteiner & Co. won the gold medal. © ANSA / Guillaume Horajuelo

A day later than originally scheduled, the team event for alpine skiers was held on Sunday in Yanqing. A race that was only included in the Olympic program in 2018 and didn’t provide any great spectacle on Sunday either.

Unlike the competition four years ago, not a parallel slalom but a giant parallel slalom was held. That played into Italy’s favour, with Alex Vinitzer, Federica Brignoni, Marta Pacino and Luca de Alibrandini, but the quartet never tapped into their full potential. And so it was the last stop in the quarter-finals. The new Olympic champion is Austria, who narrowly beat Germany in the final, while Norway won the bronze.

With the occasional strong wind blowing, the Azzurri did not give up against Russia in the round of 16 – only Alex Vinitzer lost their last, pointless match against Alexander Andreenko. With 3:1, they moved into the eighth round, where the US around Michaela Shiffrin was waiting. The 26-year-old lost a duel against Marta Pacino, but due to the withdrawal of Luca di Alibrandini, Pacino’s time was not fast, as Paola Moltzan defeated Federica Brignoni, and Italy had to surrender. Alex Vinitzer couldn’t do anything about the decisive duel against River Radamos. In the end, de Alibrandini’s retirement on the faster blue track proved fatal.

Austria remains calm

In the struggle for medals, it became clear that the victory would go to Germany. Alexander Schmid & Co. eliminated first Switzerland, then the United States and was the favorite in the final against Austria. As in the previous rounds, this round was about athletes who started on the blue track and conjured up a good time on the ice. Because duels always end 2:2 due to the differences between tournaments, so the best times for women and men have been added. Katharina Linsberger, Stefan Bernsteiner, Katharina Traube and Johannes Strolls maintained a better finish to themselves against Lina Dorr, Julian Rauchfuss, Emma Escher and Schmid.

Silver Medal Winner: Germany © ANSA / GUILLAUME HORCAJUELO

In the small final, Norway spoiled the happy ending for the hapless Shivrin. The United States took fourth, and the Scandinavians with Timon Hogan, Fabian Wilkins Solheim, Tia Louise Sternsund and Maria Therese Tviberg were delighted with the bronze.


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