Australotitan, the largest dinosaur in Australia: 25 meters long

The word “Titan” in its name actually refers to the first characteristic of a new dinosaur that lived in Australia: it Huge size, up to 25 meters long and 5 meters high. This word, of Greek origin, denotes an enormous size. And so is he Australotitan, a new type of sauropod that lived on Earth More than 92 million years ago.

The discovery was recently published in the scientific journal peer. The article in question highlights that “ The largest dinosaur in Australia is represented by the remains of bones Based on limb size comparisons, he’s come to size Similar to those found in giant titanosaurs South america“.

This new sample, baptized as Australotitan coprensis or southern titanHe lived in Queensland for Prehistoric times, when mainland Australia was still connected to Antarctica.

Remains were found in 2006

It was the first remains of this dinosaur It was excavated between 2006 and 2007 in the Winton FormationLocated in the Eromanga Basin, it is rich in hydrocarbons and grasslands. The sample is also known as “Cooper”, Because The stream that was next to the archaeological site in which it was found.

Scott Hocknall, librarian Queensland Museum, and paleontologist Rochelle Lawrence, also explained that after recovering thousands of kilograms of bones, they were Comparison using 3D technology with those in other genres Australian sauropods and other parts of the world. After the results, they were able to verify that it was a new species.

Contact with other sauropods

While studying the same, researchers confirmed that the four sauropods discovered so far in Australia had a species Close relationship with other dinosaurs from other parts of the world. However, what they fail to do is put a file Four types in the same place at the same time.

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“This means that over time they could have evolved into They occupy very different habitats. They may never have metThey noted that the Australian species is related to titanosaurs in South America and Asia, which suggests the possibility Dispersal from South America (through Antarctica) in global warming periods. Another theory is that they did it for the ancient archipelago of islands in Southeast Asia.

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