Australian Open 2021: This is how tennis stars spend their time in quarantine

Before the tournament, all professionals are required to go into a two-week quarantine. More than 70 of them were not even allowed to leave their hotel rooms for training. Photo: AFP/William West

Before the start of the Australian Open, the athletes are still in quarantine for two weeks. However, this is not the same for all participants. Some professionals posted videos on Twitter about how to keep fit in their hotel rooms.

Melbourne – The Australian Open kicks off in Melbourne on February 8th. However, the Grand Slam tournament is already a big topic of conversation beforehand. More than 70 specialists and supervisors must be quarantined completely for two weeks because passengers tested positive for coronavirus on their flights. Angelique Kerber, who won the tournament in 2016, is one of those players.

The professionals involved are not allowed to leave their hotel rooms at all in strict quarantine nor are they allowed to exercise. Other players who have had no contact with tested passengers and who have served their usual two-week quarantine are allowed to leave the hotel for five hours per day for training and fitness.

Working in a hotel room

Some of them have come up with different activities so that the roof does not fall on the heads of tennis stars in their rooms. Some are quirky and shared by professionals on social media.

British player Heather Watson tries to fit in with the things in her room. This is how a chair quickly turns into a dumbbell. In another video, the 28-year-old completes an intriguing triathlon, including swimming in a bathtub.

The French Édouard Roger-Vasselin is also very creative on Twitter. He first fiddles with a tennis ball with his racket and then lets it roll down a path he built himself.

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Only 16-year-old Coco Gauff has found another way to stay in shape. With her racket she hits several tennis balls with full force against the hotel’s lined wall. According to their own statements, nothing was broken.

Elina Svitolina is also stuck in her hotel room. The Ukrainian entertains her fans with TikTok videos, which she also shared on Twitter.

Meanwhile, Yulia Putintseva has to deal with completely different problems. The mouse is about to get hurt in her hotel room.

The lack of physical fitness and the lack of training opportunities for some professionals may become a problem for the major leagues. This may create an uneven playing field on the playing field. Lack of stamina can also be a factor. Tournament director Craig Tilly has already ruled out changing the men’s singles format from three groups to two winning groups.

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