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Attacking a plague of animals is a long, expensive and sometimes unpleasant process, as they assert Australia With the formidable appearance of mice, The same one that is indexed as worst plague At least one of these rodents 10 years.

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The end of a three-year drought on Australian soil and the simultaneous end of bushfires brought relief to the population; However, he seems to have also brought with him Worst rat infestation in a decade, causing it the animals Kill crops on farms located in new South Wales s Queensland, Australian states.

“People literally tie ropes around their pants if they’re walking among mice because they don’t want them to raise their pants legs,” explicó steve henryMice expert.

For the past nine months, mice in the above areas have gnawed everything in their path, generating Total losses in grain and hay, So is the effect of machines.

The product of the plague, including some farmers They needed Burning whole grain silosOthers have devised ways to trap mice, including using torches or baits containing a poison called zinc phosphide.

Last May, the state of new South Wales It issued a A$50 million package to help residents combat the rat infestation, which included compensation for some farmers who spent more than A$100,000 on the aforementioned bait.

Fear of the rat plague is not only because of what has been created so far, but also because of what it can cause, because this animal can be a carrier of diseases. On Queensland, For example, at least 78 cases of leptospirosisA bacterial infection that can lead to kidney problems, meningitis and respiratory complications if not treated properly.

As if that wasn’t enough, the Australian cold added chaos to the initial problem, because “with heating systems The smell of mouse urine and feces is disgusting.” New South Wales.

sites like the sun They noted that this is the worst rat epidemic that has attacked Australia in the past 30 years, and although time may vary, the truth is that this is a serious problem that is being eradicated.

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