Australia representative stops controversy: “only virus is to blame”

10 days until the end of a Eurovision Atypical, as not all countries participating will be in Rotterdam. On April 20, the Australian delegation confirmed that its representative, Montaigne, would not be able to travel to the Netherlands and perform his performance live. From that moment on, social networks were filled with messages of support for the singer, Although many did not understand this decision.

On Monday, May 10, the Australian flag carrier took part and wrote to her official Twitter account A comment called for calm and that SBS is not responsible, Country Public TV: “Family, I want to say that I am very sad that I cannot be in Rotterdam for Eurovision.”

“This fact coexisted with the fact that it was not safe for me to go. SBS is innocent, please, nobody is to blame, just this stupid virus. ”Montaigne, who has also confirmed that she will not be representing Australia in 2022, said: “I don’t need to go to Eurovision again next year. I need to do other things.”.

The rehearsal for the Australian representative at Eurovision 2021.

On the other hand, Montaigne pointed to the almost complete absence of accredited journalists at the Australian press conference after the first test. Remember that The delegation will participate in the festival with “backup”.In other words, the performance recorded by all the candidates in their countries, under the same conditions, in case they were unable to travel to the Rotterdam Ahoy Arena.

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“Finally, I appreciate the support everyone has shown me here, but I also promise you that I have no idea how many journalists are in the press room. I thought it was full. I’m sure there’s a reason people don’t exist physically and I don’t think we should assume things. ”The artist wrote.

This Wednesday, May 12, when Australia is scheduled to conduct its second test, the same image was repeated on the Australian wheel. In his meeting with the participant media like The Rope (Lithuania) They showed the young woman their full support: “We are all with you. Australia is in our hearts.”

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