Australia is already waiting for Nadal

The clock keeps ticking. The tennis season is about to begin and there are many doubts about it. Rafa Nadal signed Covid in the exhibition tournament he played a few weeks ago in Abu Dhabi. Whether or not he is able to play his first major tournament of the year depends on his recovery. He’ll play it, at least that’s how the Australian media clearly says News Corp. “Rafa Nadal is back in training and is ready to fly to Melbourne to compete in the ATP 250 Championships in Sydney next week. The arrival date has not yet been confirmed, but this trip will definitely take place‘ says the above-mentioned broker.

In addition, the Australian publication notes the words of the Executive Director of Tennis Australia, Craig Tilley, who said last week that Nadal will “sure” be at his first big gala of the year. On the other hand, the good news is that Manacor is also Training started And this Wednesday he did it with Daniel Rincon.

On the other hand, News Corp. reports Djokovic’s situation. The Serbian asked for an exemption to be able to play without a vaccination. They claim the Victorian government is about to make a decision on ‘those special rules’. The body charged with issuing the ruling issued a statement in which it clarified that:Medical exemptions are a strict and independent processFinally, they indicated the “confidentiality” of all medical findings so as not to give further details.

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