Attack on Titan, the final season is now available on Netflix

The final season of The Attack of the Giants is finally available in Italian on Netflix: it’s time to rewatch.

discuss a lot Final season From the attack of Giants It ended a few months ago and we still don’t know when part two, which has been shown Excellent visual key During this year’s MAP phase. It’s been discussed a lot because we know the number of issues and controversies that have accompanied it during the weeks of release: between the technical side Not always perfect And the cuts here and there throughout the episodes certainly can’t be said that this season has had an easy life. If nothing else, at least on a technical level, we can breathe a sigh of relief: many flaws found in the TV version of the episodes It was actually corrected with Blu-ray technology Recently released in Japan. On this link you can see some of the changes, which do nothing but confirm how quickly the season is coming to an end and close to airing.

Blu-ray is not available in our country yet, but you don’t have to wait for these if you want to re-watch: Starting from today Final season Available on Netflix in Japanese and Italian.

the attack of Giants

Netflix is ​​not the only platform you can watch on Final season From the attack of Giants. It’s actually also available on Amazon Prime Video Come on VVVVID. Either way, in addition to Season 4, the previous three are also available naturally. The second part of Final seasonWhen it comes out, it will likely be uploaded first to these last two platforms and only later to Netflix as well.

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Attack on Titan ends with chapter 139, to which new pages have been added in the Tankubun version. As for the second part of the anime, it will be available during winter season Unfortunately, we don’t have a specific date yet.

the attack of Giants Posted in Italy by planet manga And if you like anime and want to start collecting the paper version of this article, you will find a comprehensive comparison between the different versions to choose the most suitable one for you.

We also remind you that we on DrC Goodsore have commented on all episodes Final seasonHere, you can find all the articles dedicated to it.

Are you Commodores going to rewatch the summer to take advantage of the news? Please let us know with a comment!


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