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Tim is in Madrid on Thursday morning at work Photo: © getty

Madrid – Wed, 05/05/2021, 10:28 pm

After his first sovereign victory, Dominic Thiem will face the next hurdle at the 1000 Masters in Madrid on Thursday. In the second round, he will face Austrian inferior Australian Alex de Minor.

Team and De Minor open match day with their main court duel at 11 am – im LIVE-Ticker >>>

Even if they are against ATP-24. He has a 3-0 record, the hurdle will be much higher than that faced by Mark Girone in the American qualifiers in the beginning.

Against De Minor, Tim has given only one in ten groups in three matches so far (all of the “top five” groups). “I played against him in the US Open, in Graz also once on the clay,” recalls the Davis Cup against Australia, where he suffered a loss from the aforementioned set. “I am a first-class player. I look forward to the match.”

If the US Open winner manages to overcome the de Minor hurdle, then there may be a duel with the powerful Russian Andrei Rublev, who challenges John Isner.

Dominic Team against Alex de Minor on Thursday from 11 am. LIVE-bar:

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