As Trump turns down the flag again, Biden calls it a “ climate defender ”

Mr Trump, who has been criticized for having barely handled the crisis before, interrupted the trapeze of the Western campaign for a two-hour visit to an airport in McClellan Park just outside Sacramento, Air Force One descended through a smog. Not far away, one of the biggest fires, Now by and large, It recently burned more than 363,000 acres.

Once the president got off the plane at Sacramento McClellan Airport, where the smell of smoke filled the air, he did not wait for his scheduled briefing to tell reporters that the cause of the fire was poor forest management, not climate change.

“When the trees fall off after a short period of time, they get very dry – really like a matchstick,” Mr. Trump said. It can explode. Leaves too. When you have dry leaves on the ground, they are just fire fuel. “

At a subsequent press briefing, Gov. Gavin Newsom and his chief environmental advisor pushed the lead for recognition of the role of climate change. Mr. Newsom, a Democrat, has taken care to do so very politely, reaffirming his relationship with the president, thanking him for federal assistance and agreeing that forest management needs to be improved.

But Mr. Newsom noted that only 3 percent of the land in California is under state control while 57 percent is federal woodland, which means it is under the administration of the president according to federal law.

“As you suggest, it’s the business relationship that I value,” said Mr. Newsom. But he said climate change was an obvious factor. “Something is happening to plumbing pipes in the world, and we come from a perspective, with all humility, where we present the science and observational evidence intuitively that climate change is real, and that exacerbates that.”

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