Arshad Warsi is open to doing something different with my Dergamate and says he keeps the actor alive in him Hindi News Film

Arshad Warsi recently talked about doing something different from comedy in my dramas. According to him, he keeps the actor alive in him.

Speaking to a news portal, he is reported to have said that he enjoys making good movies and that this genre does not interest him. According to him, comedies are made more than other genres for purely commercial reasons, and he did a lot of them. With Durgamate, he mentioned that it’s a good idea to get out of the comic space to do something different and keep the actor in it alive.

The actor added that when he approaches the role of Jad differently from Walk in the Minute, when he goes to the set of filming, he loves to joke and have fun, regardless of whether the movie is a comedy or a horror. Only when the camera starts rolling does he do what it takes to shoot him. Arshad also added that with this movie, he’s been doing something he doesn’t do very often. For him, it was not the stereotypical role again.

“Durgamati” also starred Bhumi Bidnikar and Karan Kapadia in lead roles. The film received mixed reviews from the audience and critics alike. The movie is the official Hindi version of the Telugu movie Bhagamathie starring Anushka Shetty in the title role.

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