Are aliens watching us? The highly anticipated UFO report from the United States

After decades of secrecy, Congress last year ordered the Executive Branch to inform the public about the activities of the Pentagon unit responsible for studying these phenomena, assigned to the US Navy.

This report, which has been placed under the authority of DNI, is likely to disappoint space enthusiasts, whose enthusiasm has been revived by a recent report from a very serious American TV magazine. 60 minutes about this subject.

Former President Barack Obama this week made a mischievous class, admitting in a comedy show that when he got to the White House he asked if there was a secret laboratory where We keep samples from space and spaceships. They did some research and the answer was noHe added with a smile.

What is true – and I’m serious here – is that there are videos and pictures of objects in the sky that we don’t know exactly.Mr. Obama added.

The Pentagon released videos captured by US Navy pilots last year showing in-flight encounters with what appeared to be UFOs. One of these videos, in black and white, dates from November 2004 and the other two from January 2015.

On the one hand, we can see a fast-moving rectangular object disappearing, seconds after being detected by a sensor aboard a US Navy aircraft, and left after a sudden acceleration.

In another video, we can see an object above the clouds and the pilot wonders if it is a drone.

At the Pentagon, these photos are taken very seriously. To avoid any association with creatures from another planet and to encourage pilots to report these appearances without fear of being mocked, the military no longer classifies them as Flying disc (ufo), but I like it Unknown meteorological phenomena.

The goal is for military and intelligence experts to analyze their videos and identify as many aircraft as possible.

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A Pentagon official, who requested anonymity, said global airspace was congested. In addition to the aircraft, they are piloted by military drones that can be US or overseas, and they are quadcopters, which are small four-armed drones equipped with cameras and are sold commercially, and weather balloons used specifically for forecasting. Weather models, of which there are thousands of different models, not to mention the US Army prototypes that have been tested in the strictest confidence.

Depending on the speed at which the military pilots are flying, the reflections of the sun, the time and the weather, it may be difficult to determine the observed plane, but it is possible, through mathematical analysis, to verify the images taken from different angles, etc.

The Pentagon does not publish any of these results to avoid signaling potential adversaries. But the thing that appears in a fast-moving video, after analyzing the motions of the surroundings, the motions and movements of the device that discovered it, can finally move very slowly.

The more data we collect, the more ability we can bridge the gap between knowledge and indeterminacy, and the more we can avoid strategic surprises in terms of hostile technologies.Pentagon spokeswoman Susan Goff simply said in a statement.

Because what worries the military is that these frequently observed phenomena (more than once or twice a week, according to a Pentagon official) attest to technologies that the United States does not possess.

In fact, we don’t know what it isThis was stated Sunday by Luis Elizondo, a former soldier who was involved in Pentagon affairs on the subject. What we do know is that whatever aircraft they are, they demonstrate capabilities that transcend the next generation.

Here’s the national security concern: They can override anything we have in our inventory.He said on ABC.

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For the Pentagon, all of this is a lot like spying on US military training centers.

Our pilots train the same way they fight. And if anyone is trying to determine the extent of our training […], Which gives it an advantageThe Pentagon official confirms.

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