Archbishop Ackermann appoints leadership team for Neuwied parish district

News from December 4, 2021

Bishop Dr. Stefan Ackermann has appointed management teams for 15 parish rooms to be built in the Diocese of Trier on January 1, 2022. Another 20 will follow on January 1, 2023. Each team is headed by a priest as a dean, with whom one or two women and a man work together in the administration. In doing so, each of them performs his own tasks delegated to the bishop.

Peter Dornbacher. Pictures: private

Trier / Noid. Previously, after the exploratory phase, which lasted from January to July, Bishop Ackermann formally listened to deans and dioceses about the upcoming changes.

Pastors Peter Dornbacher (64), Susan Schneider (54) and Michael Jäger (38) are part of the Neuwied Pastoral Chamber leadership team. Currently the administrative dean of Neuwied, Dörrenbächer belongs to Freisen-Grügelborn in the district of St. Wendel (Saarland) lives in Neuwied-Engers. Schneider has been a Community Officer in Koblenz (Keselheim-Neuendorf-Lutzel) for over 25 years since she trained as a Religious and Social Education Graduate. She comes from Erpel / Rhein and lives in Koblenz. Jäger is currently a Rendant in Koblenz, is from Andernach and lives in Kruft.

The areas of responsibility of the women and men who will lead the parish chambers in the future are diverse: they will support the parishes along with the workers and pastoral staff and ensure the implementation of conciliar results in the missionary, deacon and pastor sense. Development of the local church. In addition, they must prioritize in the sense of the framework model, bringing together the perspective of pastoral care, Caritas and other cooperation partners and strengthening church positions.

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The parish district of Neuwid includes the parish communities (PG) of Neustadt-Horhausen, Waldbreitbach-Niederbreitbach-Kurtscheid, Bad Hönningen-Rheinbrohl, Heimbach-Engers and the parish of St. which merged on January 1st. Isenburg (formerly PG Großmaischeid-Isenburg), the diocese of St. January 1st (formerly PG St. Matthias Neuwied).

More information about all the leadership teams in the 16 parish rooms is available at exist. The creation of the parish chambers is part of the implementation of the results of the Diocese of Trier. You can find all the information about this in (United kingdom)

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