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Because of immigration conditions in United StateAnd the The fact that a person has been excluded, deported, or expelled from the country may mean that they will not enter the country legally again; However, this is not always the case, as the For an alternative From Form I-212. What is it and how much does it cost? We tell you.

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to me Customs and Border Protection Model (CBP) I-212 o A request for permission to reapply to enter the United States after deportation or removal is a Document addressed to “unacceptable immigrant and non-immigrant populations” Request permission to re-apply for admission to United State After being excluded, deported, or expelled from the North American country.

Coordination I-212 Also dedicated to Persons Who was he It exists illegally In the United State For more than a year and who later entered American territories Or they tried to do so without being accepted by the relevant authorities.

to me CBP, The people who can get approved for this app are those who are subject to Section 212 (a) (9) (a) or (c) from Immigration and Nationality Act (INA), Which can be referenced at this link.

If the permit applicant decides to submit Form I-212 Kiss CBP, You can safely do this electronically at Electronic System for Safe Segregation of Forms (e-SAFE) On this link.

In the event that it is decided to hand over the papers in person, Here You can refer to the headings that allow you to decide where to submit the form.

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According to him US Citizenship and Immigration Service united (USCIS), the filing fee for this document $ 930.

In addition to ordering, those interested should add the following documentation:

  • Proof of citizenship
  • Any supporting document
  • Form G-28 if authorized representative is appointed
  • FD-258 fingerprint card or electronic fingerprint capture completed by a US Customs and Border Protection official at the time of submitting your order
  • If you have a criminal record in the judicial system of any other country, you must obtain a copy of the corresponding record or an official letter from the court of jurisdiction explaining why a copy of the record is not available.

The CBP Recommend applicants pass at least 140 days Since submission Form I-212 Before making an inquiry about the status of your application, this is because a full review can take up to six months or more.

For more information, you can refer to the official websites of USCIS And from CBP.

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