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With a diameter of just 16.4mm and a depth of 6mm, the Megatron MHP16 Series Hollow Shaft Plastic Conductive Potentiometers also fit in very narrow spaces.

Since the shaft diameter is only 2mm, the MHP16 is also suitable for use as an angle sensor on robot arms and as position suspensions in motor valves or actuators.

Conductive plastic potentiometers provide an electrically effective rotation angle of 320 ° (± 5 °), a mechanical rotation angle of 360 ° and virtually infinite accuracy with linearity independent of 2%. High quality multi-finger stainless steel mill ensures stable analog output signal.

With the flat shaft in the hollow shaft, potentiometers can be attached directly to the drive shaft so that it cannot rotate, and no coupling is required.

The IP40 component is designed for temperatures from -40 to + 105 ° C.

If serial production is required, Megatron can customize potentiometers on demand – for example B. With special angles for rotation and resistance values, and special tolerances for independent linearity or customer housings.

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