An unknown Amazon trick will give you an extra 20% off items on Prime Day

Amazon has started its annual Prime Day sale, with discounts on thousands of lines as it looks to make money from Britons hungry for bargaining.

The shopping event, which kicks off on Tuesday, is offering big savings and free delivery service to its most loyal customers.

This year, the “sale” will last for 48 hours and members will have access to discounts on a range of products.

Expect to see thousands of deals, with huge discounts on Amazon Alexa-enabled devices.

There will also be Lightning Deals, where you can get a deal on certain products for a limited time only.

The online retail giant said savers can get up to 50% off items, with discounts on TVs, bulbs, and smart home appliances.

But smart spenders may be able to save an additional 20% by shopping the right site.

It’s all about an extension Amazon warehouse, Which offers additional discounts on outlets throughout the year.

Prime Day was the largest shopping event in Amazon history last year, with more than 1 million games, tech, and games sold in 24 hours.

For now, submit an Extra 20% off at Prime DayWhich means you can get an additional discount on already discounted items.

But to take advantage of the offers, you’ll need to become a Prime Member, which costs £ 79 a year.

Amazon Prime Day It started in 2015 as a quick sell for most tech products and usually this July.

However, this year starts on October 13th and will last for 48 hours.

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In 2019, Prime Day was the largest shopping event in Amazon history with more than 100,000 laptops, 200,000 TVs, and over 1 million games sold.

But the sale also sparked heavy criticism about Amazon’s treatment of warehouse workers.

Today starts the “Sale of the Year” from Amazon

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Tim Hunt, Director of Ethical Consumer, said consumers should move their business elsewhere.

“Aside from tax evasion, Amazon has a dubious record on many issues including worker rights and the environment. We urge consumers to consider whether they really need to make this purchase on Amazon Prime Day, and instead how they can use their money on In a way that benefits society and the environment.

“There are a number of ethical big-name brands that are paying a more fair tax rate including Richer Sounds and Lush cosmetics (both of which have been awarded the fair tax mark). We are calling on consumers who need to make purchases to look for more ethical companies like this is “.

An Amazon spokesperson said Prime Day this year would see “the biggest small business promotion ever.”

“We are investing heavily in job creation and infrastructure across the UK – more than £ 23 billion since 2010. The UK is now one of the largest global centers of talent on Amazon, and this year we announced plans to create 10,000 new jobs in the country. By the end of 2020, this brings our total workforce to over 40,000.

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“This continued investment helped contribute to an overall tax contribution of £ 1.1 billion during 2019 – £ 293 million in direct taxes and £ 854 million in indirect taxes.”

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