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The St. Louis Blues reached the Stanley Cup Final with a 5-1 victory on Tuesday night, and will compete in a best-of-seven series in the North American NHL Ice Hockey League from Monday against the Boston Bruins. That doesn’t sound particularly amazing, however: The Blues prevented the third final duel between Boston and California in seven months with their success against the San Jose Sharks. The Boston Red Sox won the World Baseball Championship against the Los Angeles Dodgers in October, and four months later the New England Patriots football team won the Super Bowl against the Los Angeles Rams.

In the United States there is this ridiculous debate and it is precisely for this reason that there is a very interesting debate about the greatest sports city in the country, and sports chauvinism plays a significant role in this country. Los Angeles, for example, had four title holders in 2002, but only two of the top four men’s sports in the United States. So the Lakers (basketball) and the Angels (baseball) were accepted into the debate over the nation’s biggest sports city, but it was said about the Sparks Championship: Oh, women’s basketball. And on the LA Galaxy: Oh, football.

It was even possible to have four champions, but the basketball players lost

In this completely personal discussion (everyone picks facts that can dialectically help their city) only the nicknames in basketball, baseball, ice hockey, and American football – and only the men’s team championships are counted. Detroit is the only city so far that’s been home to three title holders at the same time: In 1936, the Tigers (baseball), Red Wings (ice hockey), and the Lions (football) all had trophies for their majors — but there was a catch in that Time: The Lions won their championship 31 years before the merger of rival leagues—and thus before the era of the Super Bowl.

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In the last 50 years (a period chosen simply because of the 50th round) there have only been five cities with two title holders at the same time: New York in 1969 (Meats & Jets), Baltimore 1970 (Orioles & Colts), Los Angeles Angeles 1988 (Dodgers and Lakers), Pittsburgh 2009 (Stillers and Penguins) and Boston 2004 (Patriots, Red Sox) and 2008 (Celtics, Red Sox). If you are not a hard geographer, you can accept 2000 (Yankees and New Jersey Devils) for metropolitan areas like New York, 2002 (Lakers and Anaheim Angels) Los Angeles, 1989 (San Francisco 49ers and Oakland A’s), and 2015 (San Francisco Giants and Golden State Warriors) ).

Boston could now become the first city to host three title holders at the same time – if the Bruins become champions after the Red Sox and Patriots. Boston athletics won twelve major men’s sports titles in the Millennium, and that adds to that trait that Bostonians hate in the rest of the United States: the humility possessed only by those who know they can afford it. humility.

Well, because of the many leagues they now call Boston’s “Titletown” or “City of Champions”, they’re basically more cautious about their successes. William Tudor, Boston, a Harvard graduate, changed the city’s surname in 1819. Boston was then known as Beantown because, in the opinion of visitors, there were only cooked beans to eat—the townspeople didn’t like the name, of course. Los Angeles is the City of Angels and therefore a seemingly sublime place. New York considers itself “the greatest city on Earth”, and the greatest city in the world. Theodore called Boston simply: “Athena of America,” the Athena of America.

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They’ll likely come up with new nicknames if the Bruins really win the Stanley Cup and give the city a third title holder: the Triple Titletown, for example, or the Triple Crown in Beantown. However, this would disturb people to a lesser degree than this apparent eternal humility. As is known, there can be another duel between Boston and California in basketball. But the heavily traded Boston Celtics failed in the quarterfinals against the Milwaukee Bucks and missed the NBA’s final series against the Golden State Warriors.

Connected to the city’s leading sports radio station (98.5 – The Sportshub) So we haven’t talked about this current historic opportunity to be home to three title holders at the same time. Instead, he complained: “The Celtics spoiled our chance at the Grand Slam.” Oh, Boston.

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