Amazon employs 100,000 people in jobs worth $ 15 an hour

Jobs located in the United States and Canada are found across its network of operations including warehouses, delivery stations, and other locations. The salary is roughly the minimum wage and starts at $ 15 an hour with benefits. It also offers “up to $ 1,000” sign-in bonuses in some cities. Amazon offers a mix of full-time and part-time jobs.

Amazon (AMZN) Celebrates a virtual job day Wednesday to recruit 33,000 jobs in corporate and technology roles. The employees assigned to these corporate jobs will receive an average wage of $ 150,000, including salary, compensation, and share-based benefits.
In recent months, Amazon has largely announced its intention to hire employees. In August, Amazon said so It plans to hire 3,500 additional workers In cities across the United States, a move that obligates the tech giant to dramatically expand office space at a time when other tech companies are embracing remote work indefinitely.
It also employed 175,000 temporary employees in the first months of the pandemic to keep up with unprecedented demand. Amazon in May said it decided so Permanently keep at 70% who are they.
Amazon has come under fire from employees for its working conditions. Some employees and applicants Recently, CNN Business The company’s messages do not always match what they have seen inside the company’s warehouses, and that they remain concerned about hiring events, crowded training sessions, limited access to disinfectant wipes and the company’s overall ability to follow through on its commitments.

In response, Amazon said it has made more than 150 changes to its operations to enhance worker safety including temperature checks.

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