Alicia Lehmann shines in Swiss practice

beautiful blonde forward, Alisha LymanTomorrow, she is ready to face the corresponding match of the UEFA World Cup qualifiers by her choice SwitzerlandWhere it will be measured against Romania.

Lyman is one of the The main players From this national team who wants to be the protagonist of tomorrow against the Romanians who have a great team.

The blonde did not go unnoticed in training in Switzerland and now with a series of photos she has shared, the striker has more than 190 thousand likes And many comments supporting her and her choice.

The striker is one of the players who will start the match against Romania, she is one of the most consistent players in her national team’s invitations in both friendlies and official matches.

Alicia Lehmann is an absolute international with the Swiss national team since 2017, and so far she is still active with the team and is looking forward to being the champion of the World Cup in the women’s category.

Alisha Lehmann practically steals heads in Switzerland Photo: Instagram Alisha Lehmann

During her time with the Swiss national team, Alicia Lehmann played 24 official matches and scored four goals.

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Now he has an important commitment against Romania on Friday in the UEFA World Cup qualification duel.

The striker is already preparing for tomorrow’s match against Romania. Photo: Alisha Lehmann’s Instagram
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