Alicia Beverly describes a priest who pisses on her

A Detroit woman on a flight home from Las Vegas woke up on Monday to find a priest “in his own area” and urinate on her. During the interview With Fox 2 Detroit, Alicia Beverly Remember to wake up with something moist and warm.

Beverly said she was in the back seat next to her sister at the time she saw a man who is so far unidentified – but presumably “known” – North Carolina priest “Chuck”[ing] Himself “at her eyes level. She immediately understood that there was a puddle of urine in the seats.

“I jumped up and saw his private area outside and screamed and this woke everyone up. By then I really looked at him and was seeing him ditch himself and I’m like this guy who pissed on me! I looked and there was a pool of pee in the seats!” Beverly said.

According to the report, which cited unnamed sources, the pissing accident was blamed on a stranger for a bad reaction to an unspecified “sleep aid”.

After Beverly screamed and the night flight woke up from her collective slumber, the unknown priest was taken into custody by an off-duty cop who was on board. There have been no charges yet, and again, the man’s name has yet to be revealed. The identity of the pastor is known to the local media. They contacted his partners, Who declined to comment.

But if there are fees, they will Most likely it is federal.

The Beverly interview eventually became emotional, specifically when the woman described experiencing extreme anxiety in the aftermath of the accident. She said through tears that she’s only gotten four hours of sleep since she woke up on that plane.

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