Aldi, Asda, Morrisons, Sainsbury’s and Tesco Christmas trails are rated and rated

Anyone who wants to start with them birthday Now shopping will be left with limited options when it comes to the main streets.

All non-essential stores are closed until December 2 – and for some of us – it’s too late to regulate.

The only places we can check out the holidays are in the supermarkets when we’re doing our weekly store.

And we’re fortunate these days that the big brands are making a concerted effort in anticipation of the big day.

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So we wandered through the supermarkets to catch a look at how each one was preparing for the pre-Christmas rush.

We have identified four classes in total.

and this is; Overall value, size of each store’s range, festive dining options, and decorations.

As you’d expect, 10 is the highest score possible, and 0 is the worst.

This is what we thought – and there is one clear winner.


Some beautiful items for once at Aldi

Aldi shoppers know what they will be getting when they enter the store. An economical supermarket is excellent for disposing of money from a weekly store.

But one of the things I found when researching Christmas items was how scattered they were around the store.

The private aisle appears to dominate the festive offer – and, as noted below – this offer changes weekly.

But given the fact that we’re in November, and it’s still too early, Aldi is already starting to pick up festivities with some of the items she stocks.

Value: 10

As expected with Aldi, value for money is really the store’s selling point.

Not often you go to the store without getting a deal you never knew you needed.

It’s not hard to give Aldi 10 in this section, you can get some really good items that are a lot cheaper than the competitive supermarkets.

Scale: 9

There was a lot to choose from – including lights, festive props, and novelty gifts.

One thing that could be of concern to Aldi is the fact that the Private Buying Corridor refers to some one-time items that are not often repeated.

But who knows if the holiday stock will recur in the run-up to Christmas.

Food and drink: 5

Christmas candy, anyone?

Aldi’s festive food assortment isn’t there yet. They have popup offers for select products, like random desserts and arrival calendars.

But in terms of buying enough for the Christmas shop, I’d say their range is a bit scarce at the moment.

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As December comes, I imagine more elements will be added.

The alcohol range is very good – with fancy bottles of gin on offer for under £ 6.

But this isn’t a seasonal offer – their yeast is competitively priced year-round and has been known to win prizes.

Decorations: 10

A must-have for Aldi 10 for decoration – they already have a good variety in store (even if you have to look for it).

Total score: 9


How comfortable is the Asda Christmas bedding set?

Asda has always performed well traditionally at Christmas with a large variety of items on display.

From Christmas trees to food, in previous years Asda wasn’t always so bad in my books.

But this year it looks like the peak of the festivities is still a bit early – the brand has yet to catch up with some of its competitors.

Value: 8

You really can’t beat Asda for the value. She has such a choice, and the quality is always really good.

From festive duvet sets, to new gift ideas, most of these items are under £ 20 which is an affordable price point.

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what are you waiting for?!

Scale: 10

Asda has the best collection of decent pre-Christmas items. It has a large section for games, Jeddah and a whole lane dedicated to gift wrapping, fancy bags, and pretty cards.

The home driveway also has a Christmas twist – with festive tea towels and equipment you traditionally need for cooking.

There are Christmas pajamas, pillows, sheets, scented dispensers and candles that are affordable and smell great.

Food and drink: 6

The store has already started stocking biscuit boxes, with more than one section dedicated to nibbles and chocolate.

As far as florals and festive wines – they don’t seem to have any specials at the moment.

But it might be a little early for these types of upgrades.

Decorations: 6

The decorations for now appear a little subtle – but all of that could change. Asda usually has a collection of highly rated Christmas trees, as well as a selection of ornaments.

The only area it seems to excel in is Christmas wrapping paper, bags, tags, and cards.

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Overall: 7


An impressive selection of wreaths and young trees is already for sale

I’ve been affected by Tesco more than I thought, this year.

The supermarket seems to have gone to great lengths to bring out the Christmas fun a little earlier than usual.

While it may not be as cheap and cheerful as some of the other brands, it appears that there are more options for 2020.

Value: 5

It has to be five for value due to the competition between Asda and Aldi in consistently cutting prices.

Alcoholic beverage prices remain well within the average, with £ 7 and above being requested for a bottle of Prosecco.

The decors are reasonably priced, but nothing stands out as spectacular as good value for money, in my honest opinion.

However, there are some flagship displays that are worth looking for for anyone planning their decorations ahead of time.

Scale: 10

Tesco has really pulled out all the shops to display their Christmas items.

Once inside the store, a huge Christmas tree sparkles and a row of boxes of chocolate leads you to the first lanes of the store.

While of course the Christmas food is placed according to what it is, there are clear signs above that lead you to where the holiday sections are.

Tesco has its own F&F clothing collection, which has a small selection of festive clothing, socks, and pajamas in stock.

Bless them for keeping the spirit in place, but Tesco also has a ready-to-wear collection, with shiny t-shirts and shirts for sale.

Not sure if any of us will have a happy birthday party rag this year, but there’s always Zoom.

Food and drink: 7

Festive cheese came out!

There is a lot to choose from at Tesco.

They put out a whole host of festive items, from cheese picking boards, an aisle dedicated to Christmas chocolates and more offers on alcohol.

If you’re heading out with storage before the big day, I’m sure you’ll be able to buy and sort a large portion of your list on Tesco.

Decorations: 4

Tesco has some decorations on offer, but at the store I went to, there wasn’t much choice.

There was some discounted embellishment featured at the end of the corridor, and a small section devoted to ornaments.

A small collection of wreaths and small fur trees were sold in front of the store.

But that was about it.

Overall, I wasn’t too surprised by the decorations this year.

Overall: 9


A very cool set of Sainsbury’s Christmas decorations

Sainsbury’s is always leagues above the rest when it comes to festive decorations. And this year, it seems, is no exception.

But where it excels significantly in one division, it appears to have fallen into other.

Value: 5

In my opinion, Sainsbury’s has excellent quality throughout, but you have to pay for it.

The home section has a host of nice items – but you can easily pay the £ 50 bill by turning away.

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Scale: 5

As we mentioned above, Sainsbury’s are pretty good with their homeware, TU clothing set and premium food items.

But in terms of being a multi-level manager, I am not quite sure that you will have everything you need for the holiday store under one roof.

Food and drink: 3

But it was lacking in the festive food section

In my opinion, the choice of food and drink in Sainsbury for the holiday season is no different than what you find at any other time of the year.

Some items were marketed in the store I walked into for Christmas, but other than that had one small section for festive chocolates, Advent calendars, and new gifts.

Decorations: 9

It depends on your personal taste, but Sainsbury’s is always excellent with delicious decorations.

From lavish gold, gold, and green, room sprays and candles, to golden festive decorations, the decoration range is large and there is plenty of options.

You can choose beautiful patterned tablecloths, and buy multiple packages of trinkets that look much more expensive than they are.

I really think Sainsbury’s did a very good job this year with their modern home decor.

In general: 6


Morrisons had a free standing Christmas tree at the entrance to the store

After visiting the new Morrisons store that opened a little over a year ago, I expected big things in terms of the variety of Christmas.

But I was very wrong.

The only thing that cried out for Christmas was the single tree in the store entrance.

November might still be a little too early for Morrisons to roll out their full Christmas collection.

Value: 5

There was a small batch of innovative gifts

Morrisons’ value for food is generally good, as the store has a pizzeria, bakery, and fish counter.

Lots of ingredients are fresh, which means you eat good food.

But in terms of the festive food collection, there seemed to be little focus.

Range, food and drink: 3

Aside from some festive cardboard banners, and the Christmas chocolate box display, it was business as usual at the Morrisons.

Maybe the store decided not to focus too much on Christmas due to the current shutdown?

All in all, there wasn’t much going on regarding the Christmas set.

Embellishment: 2

The Morrisons had one aisle dedicated to festive gifts, and a small selection of trinkets and novelty items.

But this was shared with the magazine, CD, and book section, which seemed largely unaffected by the new holiday elements.

Unless you like a specific item – there isn’t much to choose from.

In general: 4

My sincere opinion

While Christmas is the focus of many people’s attention this year, I’m not sure we’ve seen a complete reversal of how supermarkets are preparing for the celebrations yet.

We’re nearing the end of November – and this year some people have ditched the traditions and showed up early in their decorations.

But we’re shutting down again – and I can’t help but think that some domains aren’t available due to store bosses who don’t want people to come out unnecessarily.

In my opinion – Tesco wins by variety, Sainsbury wins by accolades and Aldi wins by value.

Asda isn’t too late, unfortunately Morrisons doesn’t really compare (for now).

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