Air Baltic expands to Finland – and flies to Eurowings

Latvian Air Baltic is expanding its sphere of influence. In May 2022, Air Baltic will open a base at Finnish airport Tampere – and from there also fly to Germany. Meanwhile, two Air Baltic A220s are on full service lease to Eurowings.

From May 2022, Air Baltic will fly three flights a week from Tampere to Munich and Frankfurt. The Latvian airline announced this Tuesday. The airport in southern Finland will become a new additional base for Air Baltic next year. In addition to the two German destinations, connections are planned to Oslo, Copenhagen and the main center Riga, as well as holiday destinations in Rhodes and Malaga from Tampere.

Air Baltic

From May 2022, Air Baltic’s new base in Tampere will fly three times a week to Munich and Frankfurt.

Expansion in the North

With the expansion to Finland, Air Baltic has ventured outside the borders of the three Baltic states of Latvia, Estonia and Lithuania for the first time. To date, Air Latvia has bases at its home airport in Riga as well as in Tallinn and Vilnius. Air Baltic’s fleet includes 32 Airbus A220-300 aircraft, the average age of which is well under three years. This means that the airline, which is run by German Martin Gauss, has one of the smallest fleets ever. Gauss also flies the A220 himself as a pilot – and has been full of praise for the Airbus adopted from Canada from the start.


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Air Baltic is excited about the A220. Two of the aircraft are currently flying under a full-service lease from Stuttgart for Eurowings.

Eurowings Air Baltics A220 . is used

However, Air Baltic’s A220s are not only met with sympathy within its ranks – the competition seems to have liked the light green background Sparjets too. Lufthansa subsidiary Eurowings has been using two Air Baltic A220-300s on a full service lease from Stuttgart since the beginning of this week. The machines are set to remain stationed in the greater Swabian city until at least the end of winter, and further use is already being considered in the summer half of 2022. Air Baltic itself expects more supplies from Mirabel in the coming years: the carrier has ordered a total of 50 A220-300s from Airbus Canada.

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