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Against Kabayel: Kingpin announces KO

There’s no doubt about it: At least verbally, Kevin Johnson really does serve. Kabyle will not be able to escape from him, the 41-year-old said in an interview: “The judges will have nothing to do. For me, there is one knockout victory!”

The full-body promise shouldn’t be taken lightly, as the Native American’s knockout rate is a meager 35.85%. And so you have to understand the utterance more as “marketing”. Yes, against Yoan Pablo Hernandez, Kingpin was actually able to secure a knockout win in August 2020, which shouldn’t be overstated.

British journalist Steve Pons wrote in March 2019: “Johnson is the last survivor of the American heavyweight division, which was once a popular and multi-genre genre. Johnson is the only old monster left from this once respected profession.” If Steve Ponce were It would have defined everything around the world, the name Samuel Peter would have also appeared. Johnson and Peter are now traveling as journalists. PLACE WITH MORE BEAUTIFUL: Contact stones for ambitious heavyweights. As “Kingpin” Johnson once said, “I study.”

It is doubtful, of course, whether Ajit Kabayel still needs “lessons”. After the SES boxer signed a contract with Bob Arum’s Top Rank in the fall of 2019, fights were supposed to follow in the US, but nothing. Instead of fighting against high-class opponents in the United States, they say: Magdeburg instead of Manhattan.

It’s hard to imagine the consequences if Johnson actually defeats Caballe, who has been undefeated in 20 professional matches. So perhaps the dream of working in the United States has become a thing of the past. If this is not already the case. In January 2020, Top Rank did not have a photo of Kabyle on its website, but the German heavyweight was at least listed.

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This is no longer the case.

Screenshot: Top Rank

Has Top Rank terminated his contract with Kabayel? Is this about the “American Dream”? Could a fight against “Kingpin” Johnson – in the event of defeat – be the end of the boxing streak for German heavyweight hopefuls?

Kabayle is confident: “The big ads from Johnson didn’t even shock me, that’s American style. He doesn’t have a mic in the ring, only his fists speak!”

MDR will broadcast the fight as part of its “SPORT im Osten – Boxing Live” program starting at 10:35 PM.

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