After a knife attack in Würzburg: the perpetrators are already known through four procedures – psychiatry or care were already in the room beforehand

  • The knife stab von Würzburg was the district court Würzburg Already from four Procedure a favour
  • The Dish Had to deal with temporary placement in Psychiatry or a caregiver
  • a Order However, there was no such thing as safe custody

There were already four proceedings against him man, who in Würzburg three people with one easy He was killed. Facility supports the criminal From Würzburg, he had already ordered one in one case Supervisor spur, the district court announced Thursday.

Perpetrator of knife rampage in Würzburg: District Court sees no reason for sponsorship

I did for such an arrangement though Insufficient evidence Given. Twice, according to the statements of the same company, the court did not ask for any decision at all, and another procedure was still in progress at the time of the commission of the crime. This was previously reported by Welt, the German news agency wrote.

Stabbed with knives in Würzburg: Three women died

He was 24 years old last friday Several people were stabbed with a knife in downtown Würzburg, seemingly randomly and without any warning. three women He died at the age of 24, 49 and 82. Seven other people were injured, some of whom were in danger.

The perpetrators in Würzburg had psychological problems shortly before the knife attack

The 24-year-old also dealt with the local court shortly before the act. Investigations The care center The city of Würzburg has indications of the need for care psychological abnormalities I gave up, the court said. On June 23, an expert was commissioned to evaluate it. after two days 24 years Acts, District Court proceedings continue. The man had previously shown psychological problems several times and was inside Psychologist Done, according to a report by “Main Post” five times.

Dead and wounded after a knife attack - the police shot the perpetrators and took them captive

On April 14, the procedure for appointing a caregiver was closed after an institution treating him suggested it. The court said that no care was requested because at the time there were insufficient indications that the care was necessary. Plus, you have the guy after him the classroom Despite multiple attempts could not find it.

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Knife stab released from Würzburg from psychiatry

On June 14, the man, suffering from a mental disorder, got into a car Psychiatry. Here again was temporary accommodation in the room. The court’s decision did not start. The man came back a day later Refusal Because psychiatry was not run by anyone at the time foreign danger I got out.

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