Afghanistan, UN resolution agreed: “safe zone” is not envisaged. Russia and China abstain from voting

He was agreed by the United Nations Security Council Precision About Afghanistan Protection of civilians and Kabul Airport. In the text, which was approved by 13 votes in favour, with two abstentions (Russia and China).”safe areaWhat did the French president talk about? Emmanuel Macron. The first international diplomatic effort on the Afghan crisis led to the birth of one advertisement from principles On human rights and obligations to be respected by the Taliban but failed to obtain approval for the safe area under United Nations control everyone’Kabul Airport To secure humanitarian corridors after the August 31 deadline. In fact, the UN Security Council adopted a resolution that “expects” the Taliban to respect Prepare release safely” Afghans and foreigners who want it after the withdrawal of US forces and demand the reopening of Kabul airport “quickly and safely” without demanding the “safe zone” proposed by Paris with the support of United kingdom NS Germany.

But the importance of support human rights, including Women‘, calls for enhanced efforts to provide humanitarian assistance, to allow a ‘safe’ exit from the country and to allow safe and unimpeded access to the United Nations. In abstaining China He challenged the “atrocities committed by NATO members in Afghanistan” in which they “indiscriminately killed Afghan civilians” and attempted to “manipulate the vision of the United Nations” on the Afghan situation. Then the Chinese ambassador at the United Nations expressed his “doubts” about the “need and urgency” to adopt a UN resolution. There is, too Russia Has decided to abstain from the decision he proposed Great BritainAnd France NS United States of America. He flies NS Beijing They had asked to postpone the vote on the resolution, adding that the proposed amendments to the draft had not been taken into consideration.

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Specifically, in the approved document I Leader They demand that the Taliban honor their commitment to allow Afghans to leave the country and reopen Kabul Airport in safetyThe Security Council also takes note of the “Declaration of August 27, 2021The document states that the Taliban pledge to allow Afghans to travel abroad and “expects the Taliban to abide by these and all other obligations.” It is the intention of Western leaders to find a way to continue providing humanitarian assistance even afterwards August 31, which is the date on which all returns from Afghanistan will be completed.

“We will review programmes cooperation To direct as much resources as possible towards humanitarian aid, in particular towards needy countries in the region”, said the Italian Foreign Minister, Luigi Di Maio, which is linked by the crisis unit in Farnesina. “We are ready to recommit the funds that were originally intended to support Afghan forces towards programs helpAs the idea of ​​a “safe zone” fades, perhaps due to the disapproval of other members of the Security Council, it will still be necessary to find a channel with the Taliban. As already envisioned and predicted by French President Macron, when he put forward the “safe zone” proposal. But he made it clear that “ Having these discussions does not mean confessing.” To BrusselsPending the decisions of the EU Extraordinary Council with the Ministers of Home Affairs, the EU Commission reaffirmedProduced by to continue support Afghan. “We will continue to provide assistance as long as conditions permit, with the help of local NGOs,” the spokeswoman said. Eric Mamer. Duty to welcome, as the warning from the Council of Europe pointed out, the organization that deals with human rights that does not belong to the institutions of the European Union.

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