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Someone here didn’t do their homework.

An interview with star Adele (33) is certainly one of the most glorious moments in any journalist’s career. But for Australian TV presenter Matt Doran, 37, of “Seven Network” it went bankrupt – and Adele gave him a lesson!

What happened? The Australian flew to Adele in London at the beginning of November for the interview, which was part of a $725,000 deal. But when he admitted in an interview with Adele that he had not listened to her new album, she was said to have ended the interview. This was reported byDaily Telegraph“.

He omitted an important email – this bug ruined Matt Doran’s massive interview with AdelePhoto: picture alliance /

During the interview with the pop star, Doran reportedly didn’t ask a single question about her new album, at which point the star asked him, “What do you think of my album?” He replied, “Didn’t I listen to this album? He-she.”

When I heard that, Adele was said to have left the room! It is said that most of the interview had already been recorded by this time, but Adele’s “Sony” company deprived the broadcaster of the rights to broadcast it.

Then Matt Doran was suspended for two weeks – and Australia doesn’t have an in-person interview with Adele!

Rotation is now in action. He told the Australian newspaper he felt “offended” and wanted to “unequivocally apologize”.

“When I sat down for an interview with Adele, I didn’t even know I had received a preview of her unreleased album by email,” Doran says.

“I have since found out that it was sent to me as an ‘e-card’ link that I somehow omitted when I got to London.”

However, he emphasized that “Adele did not break out”. His description of events looks a little different. Doran claims, “In fact, it was just the opposite. What was supposed to be 20 minutes was extended to 29 minutes.” The interview took longer than expected.

He doesn’t want to hear anything about the comment either. Doran says he was only absent from the show. Either way – the interview was still a waste of time! “I am confused. I begged Sony to publish the interview,” he said.

TV presenter: “This is the most important email I’ve ever missed!”

And you believe it right away.

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