‘Additional fines’, on appeal yes to various initial requests: the verdict comes to the heart

Sentenced, in the first instance, to the two brothers, Antonio Renzefilo, to life imprisonment (twenty years of detention for the facts after 2008) and Cruciveso Renzefilo (thirty years of continuous imprisonment with previous sentences). They could have been, albeit in prison for years and under 41 bis, who gave the leadership of the Cosa Nostra family to another brother, Salvatore. He would travel between Rome, Gela, and Germany, with frequent contacts outside Italy. Around him, colleagues will be attracted, and they will end up in investigation and judgment. Twelve years were imposed on Rosario Catuto, who had already been convicted of the “Drusus” oath (defender Ricardo Balsamo asked the appellate judges to hear a witness he considered important to clarify the position of the accused). In the first case, the college also sentenced Carmelo Giannone and Angelo Giannone, a father and son involved in the fish trade. According to investigations, they were going to take advantage of the proximity of Salvatore Renzevelo not only to expand business in other provinces but also to collect credit or demand favorable terms. Inquisitors made sure that one of their pens was available for clan members to meet. Carmelo Giannone was sentenced to twelve years in prison; Angelo Giannone is seven years and nine months old. Both were charged with another four months, due to one of the controversies identified with the summary procedure, which resulted in the acquittal of charges related to possession of weapons. Ten years and eight months were announced for Alfredo Santangelo, an Etna entrepreneur who was to act as an economic broker for Rinzivillos. Eight years for Antonio Maranto and six years for Giuseppe Rosiglione, who would have given his availability to harvest operators in the fishing sector, in the provinces where Renzefilo’s business was developing, according to investigators. Six years and eight months were imposed on Francesco Mailali, another operator in the fishing sector who would have saved himself. Luigi Renzefilo, who is related to Salvatore Renzefilo by kinship, has been sentenced to seven years in prison. The investigators focused their attention on his betting room, based on the investigations also used in the meetings decided by Salvatore Rinzevelo. Six years and eight months were announced for Umberto Bongiorno, who was to attempt through Renzevelo to make commercial investments in the region of Rome. Six years and eight months also for Vincenzo Mulè, who is considered very close to Rinzivillo, also with regard to the intention of restoring relations in the United States. For the posts of brothers Antonio Renzefilo and Crociviso Renzefilo, but also for the posts of Luigi Renzefilo, Umberto Bongiorno, Rosario Cattuto, Angelo Giannone and Carmelo Giannone, acquittal verdicts were issued, but only for some of the charges brought. Instead, prosecutors appealed the acquittal ruling of the court’s penal body, in first instance, against businessman Emmanuel Catania. For the investigators, Renzefilo could have been the economic reference in the fishing sector, but during the trial, the defense, with the support of attorney Giacomo Ventura, was able to prove the strangeness of Catania, which he allegedly enjoyed with Salvatore Renzefilo only an acquaintance relationship, but without being You have no interest in any of the President’s business. But for prosecutors, his situation must be investigated, even on appeal. The appeal was adjudicated by another accused, acquitted in first instance, Giuseppe Licata. An appeal ruling was also opened for him, the owner of companies in the land transport and work vehicles sector.

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