A technician checks cameras for 200 customers Technique

according to Dallas Morning News, The defendant is Telesforo Aviles, 35, former ADT employee with access camera 200 clients more than 9600 times. He recently pleaded guilty to federal court for computer fraud.

A court spokesperson stated: “Mr. Aviles admitted violating company policy, regularly adding personal email addresses to the client’s ADT Pulse account, and granting himself real-time access. To the video feed from his home. Sometimes Mr. Aviles offers excuses to temporarily add his email for verification. Of the system, and sometimes it does so when a customer isn’t paying attention.

Technicians are allowed to add personal email addresses to customer accounts while setting up the camera system, but they are required to remove access rights immediately after completing the installation. Telesforo Aviles have failed to comply with this rule. The defendant has been with ADT since 2003, and committed the crime in 2015. Behavior Peeking His case took place in 4 years and 6 months, but in early 2021 the new case was brought to trial.

Court records show that the defendant would keep a list of homes with beautiful and often seen topless women, and couples’ bedroom scenes through the camera. After the accident was discovered, ADT clients filed a lawsuit together.

In addition to the former Telesforo Aviles technician case, ADT has suffered two other court cases, including a client who reported finding strange emails in their email list with access to internal cameras. ADT is known to be a company that specializes in manufacturing cameras that help parents screen children and pets through smartphones, but the company does not implement optimal security measures, which leaves customers with multiple private rights risks.

It can be seen that the security cameras have become a “double-edged sword” because users now have to watch out for them Hacker But I also have to be wary of the technical staff of the camera company.

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