A supermassive black hole is wandering through space

Black holes are usually fixed points in galaxies that swallow everything around them. But now astronomers have discovered a supermassive black hole running through space.

We always find black holes scary. Now we have to learn that the fatty parts move.

Researchers report: The black hole is in motion

In fact, supermassive black holes sit like huge vacuum cleaners fixed in the centers of galaxies, sucking out everything around them. Actually, because how CNN I informed now Astronomers have now discovered a very unusual case, As a supermassive black hole is wandering through space. The fact that black holes are actively moving is a new reality. The discovery was made on Friday in the study in The Astrophysical Journal Chest.

Dominic Pesci, Astronomer at the Center for Astrophysics | Harvard and the Smithsonian University have spent the past five years studying black holes. He and his team examined ten distant galaxies and black holes in the center of each system. However, while nine of the supermassive black holes were stationary, one of them appeared to be moving. “We don’t expect most supermassive black holes to move,” Pesce explains in the study. “They are usually just sitting around.”

Why are you wandering around the pit?

Pesce, who is also the study’s lead author, said, “It’s too heavy to get to work. Think about how hard it is to move a bowling ball than kick a soccer ball – and in this case, realize that A “bowling ball” is several million times the mass of our sun. That takes a very strong kick. “ Researchers compared the velocities of galaxies and supermassive black holes. “We expect it to be just as fast. If they don’t, that means the black hole has broken off. Well, that sounds a bit worrisome now.”

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Fortunately, the wandering hole is a full 230 million light-years from Earth. It is located in the center of a galaxy called J0437 + 2456. This supermassive black hole is nothing but the weight of a fly and has a mass of 3 million times the mass of the Sun. The thing is moving at 110,000 miles per hour inside a galaxy, which is an incredible 177,027.84 kilometers per hour. However, scientists cannot understand why the black hole moved. According to the researchers, this is likely the result of the merger of two supermassive black holes. “The result of this merger could cause the nascent black hole to regress, and we may see it recoil or when it stabilizes.”

Maybe there are two types of black holes?

But it is also possible that the black hole was part of a pair within a galaxy. “What we can see in the galaxy J0437 + 2456 is One of the black holes in this pairBut the other remains hidden from our radio notes due to its lost emission, ”says Pesce. But these are all just guesses. In order to explain the true reason for the black hole’s journey, we unfortunately have to be patient. Meanwhile, the gigantic hole is racing across the galaxy at a speed of 110,000 miles in Am good thinking.

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