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Secretary of State Stefan Mohl (front left) brought with him funding approval received by Michael Schneider (front right) for the Emsland Digital Innovation Center. Christian Foner – Member of the State Parliament, Dieter Kron – Lord Mayor of Lingen, Mark-Andre Burgdorf – District Manager, Emsland County and Thomas Krieger – Trendsoft GmbH (left to right) are also happy to accept. – Photo: Lingen IT Center

Minister of State for Digital Stefan Moll delivers approval for funding. SMEs will be able to work more intensively on Emsland’s digital transformation: in the Lingen IT Center in Kaiserstraße, the halls of the former railway repair shop, flexible co-working spaces, a space for exchange and communication, training rooms and a digital laboratory in which to experience the latest technology.

The IT center will be expanded in the coming months. Few of it will be visible from the outside, but the interior architects and craftsmen are technically upgrading part of the space and adapting it to the demands of the modern business. Last Wednesday, the green light was given for the expansion, called the Emsland Digital Innovation Centre. The Minister of State for Digitalization in Lower Saxony, Stefan Mühl, visited the Lingen IT Center to present Michael Schneider’s commitment to fund these actions. Schneider is the managing director of it.emsland, which operates an IT center as a subsidiary of Lingen and Emsland County.

Lower Saxony is financing the investment in the amount of 200 thousand euros. And for obvious reasons, as State Minister Mühl explains: “We need a ‘Digital Innovation Center Emsland’ for our approach to digitization to succeed in Lower Saxony.” It is crucial to connect the ‘young ideas’ and the existing company environment. This requires places like Lingen IT Center.

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Michael Schneider explains how Emsland companies and their founders will benefit from expansion: “Through the ‘Digital Innovation Hub Emsland’ we create a space where companies and founders can experiment with digital technologies and train ‘digital thinking’ to advance innovations. Because it.emsland, we support you with expert knowledge and methods. – And thanks to the short distances, we’re right around the corner.”

This makes it easier for companies and founders to experiment with technologies such as artificial intelligence, cloud computing, or blockchain for themselves and connect with others for joint projects or business ideas. And since the best technology is useless if customers do not need it or if money is not made using it, it.emsland, as the operator, provides assistance with digital strategies through events, seminars and training discussions.

In addition to Lower Saxony, the city of Lingen and the Emsland region contribute €100,000 to the financing. Lingen-based companies are participating in the connectiv! eSolutions GmbH, Trendsoft GmbH and CERTIVATION GmbH (ROSEN GROUP).

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